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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Will the community forums be recorded?
Yes, the forums are being recorded and can be viewed by visiting our Reopening Plan Community Forums page.

When is the first day of school?
WSWHE BOCES classes start September 8. Click here to download our one page WSWHE BOCES school calendar. Please contact your child's school district for information on their return to school schedule.

Does the reopening plan of our home district effect a student's return to school?
We will coordinate with the home school district. Your student's WSWHE BOCES principal will be in contact about your student's specific plan.

Can students drive to BOCES classes?
Yes. Students may drive to BOCES classes. We will have expanding parking. Students must follow their home school district's driving policy.

How will student parking work? Will I be able to park at BOCES or will I have to park on the road?
We will have an expanded parking area for students. WSWHE BOCES building principals will communicate where they are.

Can parents provide the transportation for their own children to and from all WSWHE BOCES programs?
Yes. Parents can provide transportation for their children. Please advise the WSWHE BOCES building principal that you would like to do so to ensure safe drop-off and pick-up.

How will the alternate day/remote learning day work for CTE?
Students will attend CTE programs during their designated morning or afternoon session as determined by their individual district plan. They will alternate in-person and remote CTE instruction as coordinated with the component district. The CTE remote learning day will vary. CTE will coordinate the hybrid schedule with the student's home district. We will try to arrange the hands-on labs on the in-person day, and Math and English, on the remote learning day.

If a CTE student is registered for their virtual academy at their home school, can they still take CTE classes in-person?
Yes. Students may attend CTE classes in-person if coordinated with the student's home district.

Can I take all of my CTE classes on line?
If a student is registered with their home school's virtual academy, CTE will accomodate virtual classes. Please be in touch with your home school district.

Will students still be able to do their internships?
We will work with our business and industry partners to make arrangements for students to provide safe work based learning opportunities.

Will students need to wear their masks at their desks in the smaller sized classrooms?
The Health Department recommendations regarding wearing masks are based on the ability to social distance, not the size of the classroom.

Will students still be able to go to skills room & other rooms?
Students who need to go to skills rooms & other rooms for their programs, will be allowed to do so. We will keep lists of student movement for contact tracing if necessary. 

Will the students still go outside & to the gymnasium for gym class?
Students will still be able to go outside and to the gymnasium for gym class. We seek to provide as many opportunities to students as possible.

How often will there be mask breaks?
Each teacher will work with their building principal to determine when students can have mask breaks. As school gets started, we'll come up with a regular schedule by classroom.

Can I opt for the remote learning option for my special education student?
Yes. We encourage in-person instruction for special education. If a parent opts for a virtual learning option, we will accomodate. We ask that you be in contact with your home school district so we can plan accordingly.

Can parents opt for the remote learning option for PTECH and ECCA?
Yes. We encourage in-person instruction for PTECH/ECCA. However, if a parent opts for a virtual learning option through their home school, we will accomodate. We ask that you be in contact with your home school district so we can plan accordingly.

How will the schedule for PTECH and high school be coordinated so they do not overlap in instruction?
WSWHE BOCES administrators are working with the high school principals from all of our 31 school district to coordinate students schedules to avoid conflict to the greatest extend possible.

How will students get their community service done in order to graduate?
We will work with our business and community partners to make arrangements for students to have opportunities to fulfill their service requirements.

What specific upgrades to HVAC systems have been made?
We have maintained our facilites on a regular basis and made several recent upgrades. Our HVAC systems are all currenlty up to NYSED codes. The dampers are always open allowing outside air flow in as well as out. The America Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) sets the national standard for ventilation and HVAC. In the 2019 ASHRAE Applications Handbook, Chapter 8, Table 7 for Filtration Efficiency, it indicates to “Apply the highest Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) applicable for HVAC units. The filters used in our facilities are ones at the max limit for the systems in place in accordance to the owner manual and work at the highest efficiency, in accordance with ASHRAE guidance. Our Operations & Maintenance staff change the filters on a constant rotating basis to maintain maximum efficiency.

How will the screening app work? What if a parent is unable to regularly screen.
WSWHE BOCES will provide instructions for our screening App before the start of school. If a parent is unable to screen their child, we will take the child's temperature upon arrival to the building and we will randomly screen students per DOH guidance. However, it will be more efficient if screening can take place before they come to school.