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School Counselor


School Counselor

Position Status:  Full Time
Program: Exceptional Learners Division (Instructional/Non-Instructional)
Southern Adirondack Education Center, Hudson Falls, NY
Months per Year: School Calendar
Salary: Per SABEA Faculty Contract - based on experience
Job Posting Date: May 13, 2022
Application Deadline: Until filled
FUNCTION (General Statement of Duties and Distinguishing Features of Class)

To coordinate with BOCES and home school personnel on matters relative to the placement and performance of students involved with alternative and special education programs and to coordinate guidance-related activities associated with the alternative and special education programs.


  1. Coordinate the enrollment of students referred to the alternative and/or special education programs to which the staff member is assigned; 

  2. Work with home school counselors to secure signed credit agreements and a state exam history for each student enrolled;

  3. Develop projected course enrollment prior to scheduling; 

  4. Work with the program supervisor to develop master schedules for each program; 

  5. Produce and distribute individual student schedules; 

  6. Coordinate the inclusion of occupational education pull-out students in AHS/BEST academic courses; 

  7. Produce and distribute class lists and case manager lists for each teacher; 

  8. Oversee the quarterly production of report cards and the updating of students transcripts after each semester; 

  9. Oversee the scheduling, distribution, scoring, and reporting of grades for state exams in accordance with SED requirements; 

  10. Create procedures to verify accuracy of class lists, grade reports, and transcripts;

  11. Oversee creation and maintenance of databases related to: pupil personnel, academic information, case manager lists, student schedules, and transcripts;

  12. Work with case managers to ensure delivery of services as ordered;

  13. Consult with the GED instructor regarding the referral of students to sit for the GED exam and record keeping requirements for the GED program;

  14. Work with students to develop individual guidance plans including projected coursework, flexible career pathways, and projected graduation date;

  15. Collaborate regularly with the staff members at AHS and/or in the special education programs to which the staff member is assigned;

  16. Participate in Level III meetings and respond to guidance related concerns as needed;

  17. Respond in a timely manner to faculty requests for guidance related information and/or reports that are required for meetings with home schools and/or parents;

  18. Provide on-going communication with student, parent, and home school regarding academic and attendance issues;

  19. Ensure the timeliness and accuracy of all reports generated from the guidance office;

  20. Facilitate end-of-the-year meetings with Alternative Education students and home schools to review progress and establish recommendations for the next school year;

  21. Coordinate transition planning activities for the special education students beginning at age 12. This shall include, but not be limited to: insuring that Level 1 vocational assessments have been completed; 

  22. Overseeing the maintenance of individual transition planning folders;

  23. Coordinating transition planning meetings;

  24. Assisting students and parents with post high school educational planning and paperwork such as college applications and financial aid forms;

  25. Other tasks as deemed necessary by individual student transition planning areas;

  26. Conduct exit interviews with students prior to graduation or leaving the program;

  27. Oversee post-graduate follow up in order to assess transition efficaciousness;

  28. Complete PD-5A data sheets to record the status of special education students leaving the program;

  29. Any other such duties as may be delegated by the program administrators and may be necessary to perform the functions of the position.

Work Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 2:45 pm


NYS School Counselor Certification

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