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WSWHE BOCES employs more than 700 staff to provide a broad range of services to schools, students, and adult learners throughout the region.


The Personnel/HR department for WSWHE BOCES provides quality service that will attract, develop, motivate, and retain diverse personnel within a supportive educational environment.

We continue to seek dedicated, high-performing individuals who share our passion for supporting students and preparing them for the future. 

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Office of Personnel/HR

267 Ballard Road, Suite 5
Wilton, NY 12831
Phone: (518) 581-3350
Fax: (518) 581-3359


Katelynn Attanasio
Director of Human Resources 

Molly Baker 
Executive Secretary to the
Director of Human Resources

Jennifer Lunt
Coordinator of
Personnel Development

Erik J. A. Morrison, MBA      
Personnel Development
& Improvement Generalist

Colleen Allen
Sr. Information Processing Specialist

Brenda Petteys 
Personnel Assistant

Regional Certification Office
Certification Help? Email: 

Substitute Teacher Registry