Music Transports Exceptional Learners

A little bit of Manhattan came to Saratoga Springs on October 14th, when Ensemble Connect made a presentation via Zoom for Exception Learners at the F. Donald Myers Education Center. 

Carnegie Hall’s Ensemble Connect is a fellowship program for the finest young professional classical musicians in the United States that prepares them for careers that combine musical excellence with teaching, community engagement and advocacy. 

They partner with a New York City public school throughout the fellowship. They also visit Skidmore College where they offer master classes, lessons, and demonstrations. While at Skidmore, they offer interactive demonstrations in area schools and other community venues in Saratoga Springs. That is how they came to the Myers Center. This year, their presentation was virtual.

The musicians played violin, viola, and bassoon. They talked to the students about how they had to learn new skills during the pandemic to continue connecting with other musicians and to rehearse. They also focused on different themes music can play in stories.

It was a special treat to have Carnegie Hall in our school, especially considering the caliber of musicians in the program. Every two years, up to 20 of the world’s finest young professional musicians are chosen by application and audition as Ensemble Connect fellows. Last year 500 musicians applied for 18 spots. 

The event was organized by English Language Arts Teacher, Georgianna Bull. Students used their Boystown points to participate in the audience. “I like to expose students to all sorts of things,” says Bull. “For me I know going to a live concert changed my life. Maybe by exposing these students to art, they will find something they truly love.” 

The Ensemble Connect program showed students the best of the best from around the world and different cultures. To learn more visit