Exceptional Learners Division Teacher Honored

Mr. Bishop has worked with WSWHE BOCES for the past three years as the math teacher in the Exceptional Learners Division 6:1:1 High School Regents Program at the F. Donald Myers Education Center. Prior to that he taught math at the Doane Stuart School in Albany and in the Lansingburgh Central School District.

Principal Shawn Hunziker says “Shayne makes math relevant for the students. Whether it is through essential questions, activities, or hands on experience, he ties math into their hobbies” 

Some examples of the engaging questions that Mr. Bishop has developed are "how is ordering fast food at the drive-in like combining like terms in math?"  Or, "how is an irrational number similar to a person who is behaving irrationally?" and "what does it mean to “look at it from a different angle?”  

Building positive student rapport Mr. Bishop incorporates student interests. When the topic was percentages, students had to figure out stats based on their own basketball skills. For students interested in the outdoors they looked at exponential growth and decay by studying invasive species. When studying quadratic equations, Mr. Bishop had students look at projectile motion problems as it related to current events and politics.  

Mr. Bishop is committed to making this world a better place through all of the extra efforts he undertakes.  

Click here to watch Mr. Bishop's interview with WNYT’s Elaine Houston which aired on February 11, 2021.

Congratulations Mr. Bishop!