SSTLC Student Donates to Glens Falls Youth Center

Richard collected returnable cans and bottles, turned them into cash and donated the proceeds to the Glens Falls Youth Center. His Merit project raised $200.00. Mrs. Hall, the Principal at  Big Cross Elementary School, who is also a member on the board for the Glens Falls Youth Center, was excited to stop by the Sanford Street Teaching and Learning Center to meet Richard and accept his donation.
Richard planned, implemented and followed through with all phases of this project with just a little support from some SSTLC staff members.

To do a Merit project, students need to be “On Progress,” a Boys Town level that shows they don’t need daily monitoring of the Daily system. If they are Progress students, they are able to follow most or all of the rules independently. When on Progress, they have to be able to save enough Boys Town points (awarded for good behavior) to purchase  200 bonds at 6,000 points per bond. This requires students to demonstrate enough maturity to plan ahead and dole out their points sparingly.
The Boy's Town Specialized Classroom Management Model is a research based program used to teach, shape and reinforce appropriate behaviors. It helps to empower the students to take ownership of their actions, advocate for themselves and learn appropriate ways to express themselves when feeling frustrated. 
We are very proud of Richard for his accomplishments and commend him for making a difference in our community.