CTE Class of 2021 Celebrated

Looking out to a diverse crowd representing 31 school districts, wearing the many colors of their home schools, District Superintendent James Dexter complimented the Class of 2021 on their perseverance and tenacity, and for taking a chance at something different. He noted a proverb that seemed appropriate for this unusual year. He said, “smooth seas do not lead to skillful sailors.”
District Superintendent Dexter shared a few of hints for success. He said, “be a person of integrity. We all make mistakes. It's our response to them that matters. Set lofty goals. You can achieve anything you wish. Just decide that you are going to do it. Work hard. Today’s credentials will get you in the door. But your work ethic will help you succeed and excel. Stay positive. And embrace family and friends.”
In closing, District Superintendent Dexter added, “I hope you experience calm seas. But if you do encounter rough waters, know that you are already skillful sa- Skilors and you will navigate.”
Alisha Walter, in the Criminal Justice Studies program, was the student speaker at the ceremony for the F. Donald Myers Education Center.
Lauren Trackey, in the New Visions Health Careers Exploration program, was the student speaker at the ceremony for the Southern Adirondack Education Center.
Ceremonies were livestreamed for family and friends. 
For more details on the ceremony and to see the list of completers, please see the links below:

F. Donald Myers Education Center - Livestream
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