Twenty Three Staff Members Honored at Tenure Ceremony

Tenure is an employment status certified educators may earn by successfully completing a period of probationary employment and then, upon recommendation of the superintendent, being granted this status by the Board of Education in accordance with Education Law (ยงยง 2509, 2573, 3012, 3014). Congratulations to all and thank you for your service.


Anna Baluha, Teaching Assistant

Kaitlyn Connor, Foreign Language

Katherine Cooke, Special Education

Carrie Decker, Teaching Assistant

Amanda Dennis, Special Education

Michael Donlon, Principal for CTE

Robert Engwer, Teaching Assistant

Kathleen Firlet, Mathematics 7-12

Danielle Gecewicz, Blind & Visually Impaired

Kelly Gennoy, Speech & Hearing Handicapped

Deborah Hitlin, Teaching Assistant

John Jones, Vehicle Body Repair & Painting

Sarah Matarazzo, Principal for Special Programs

Monica Moran, Special Education

Jennifer Osborn, Special Education

Elizabeth Pompa, School Counselor

Amanda Sander, School Social Worker

Danielle Sass, TESOL

Laura Schaefer, Principal for Special Programs

Robert Somma, Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

Emily Tarity, Special Education

Amanda Worth, Mathematics 7-12

Nicholas Zwart, Home Economics/Foods

A beautiful flower arrangement was created for the event by Myers CTE Horticulture Students, Claire Schrader (of Bolton Landing) and Victoria Sweet (of Glens Falls)