Environmental Conservation & Forestry Students Honor Veterans in a Unique Way

Students performed tree care and site beautification using the skills they’ve acquired in their CTE program to honor those who gave so much. 

Junior Madeline Burns of Stillwater said she was glad to give back to the community and make the cemetery more attractive for visitors.

Madelyn says chose her program because her family is in the tree business and she aspires to run it one day.

“I’ve been around business but wanted to know everything involved, all other aspects of conservation,” says Burns. She is also considering becoming an New York State environmental conservation officer.

During the day, students partnered with industry experts. Jim Maloney, an arborist from national grid, and CoLead for Saluting Branches gave them tips on proper pruning. He also talked about what is happening in the industry.

“The green industry had a labor shortage before COVID. Getting young people to enter the industry means providing a good living wage. Some companies are now offering six figure salaries. Having a green industry job means your job will never move overseas.”

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