New Industry Grant Supports SkillsUSA Chapter at the F. Donald Myers Education Center

Each eligible school applied for a grant up to $15,000. Schools are asked to focus on outcomes and the quantifiable impact data of their projects. The grants are intended for construction trades programs to prepare our future skilled workforce, as well as for lab improvements or community service. The grant obtained by the SkillsUSA chapter at the F. Donald Myers Education Center will be used to provide the HVAC lab with upgrades and state of the art industry equipment.

“This amazing opportunity through Lowe’s provides our SkillsUSA chapters with more resources to support CTE and hands-on learning. All SkillsUSA projects are student-led and center around the development of personal skills, workplace skills and technical skills grounded in academics through the SkillsUSA Framework, so every member has an opportunity for career success,” said SkillsUSA executive director Chelle Travis. “These grants remove financial barriers to excellence and ensure that SkillsUSA chapters have quality resources for the betterment of our CTE programs and projects.” 

“The Saratoga Housing market, not unlike other places in our country, has encountered a severe shortage of skilled trade workers. Our CTE programs work closely with our community businesses through internships/work placements to ensure that classroom instruction combined with work placements make for the right employee within the right company. Equipment that is used in the industry must match that which is being used in the classroom. HVAC equipment is often expensive to obtain and upgrade, thereby grants of this nature allow us to upgrade our classroom tools and equipment using the newest technology. This allows us to serve both students and the community to the best of our ability", said Michele Morris, SKillsUSA chapter advisor at the F. Donald Myers Education Center.

A total of 43 SkillsUSA chapters in 22 states were awarded grants. WSWHE BOCES was one of only two in New York State. For a complete list of SkillsUSA chapters receiving grants, go to: