Odyssey of the Mind Competition 2022

The event, which is coordinated by the WSWHE BOCES Enrichment Resource Center, took place at the WSWHE BOCES F. Donald Myers Education Center in Saratoga Springs. 

Odyssey of the Mind is a creative problem-solving competition for students of all ages. It encourages students to use their imaginations and work together to solve challenges. Each team has a volunteer adult coach to help with the entry forms and organize meetings, however the students make all the decisions regarding costumes, props, and their approach to solving and performing the problems.

At the beginning of the school year, teams are divided by grade level into several divisions and 

choose to perform one of five ‘long term problems,’ which they continue to practice for months. This year's problems were: Tri-Cycle Transport, Escape vroOM, Odyssey ReOMvention, Matryoshka Structure, and Life is a Circus! On competition day, every team is asked to solve a super secret ‘spontaneous problem.’ Their combined scores determine if they win first, second and third place and possibly advance to the New York State competition.

Region 6 Director, and WSWHE BOCES Innovative Programs, Program Manager, Carrie VanTassel said of this year’s competition, “Odyssey of the Mind is a very unique opportunity that allows students to showcase their creativity and problem solving skills. The students were so excited to perform and show off the materials they've been working on for months. This year was even more special because we were back in person. I really love how different each team addresses their problems and it is especially great to see the kids react to hearing the audience laughing at their jokes and cheering them on!” 

Nine Criminal Justice Students (CJS) from CTE volunteered by providing assistance and directions for everyone that attended the event. This community service is one of many that the CJS class does throughout the school year.

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The schools moving on to the State Finals on March 26, 2022 are: 
  • Queensbury Intermediate School - 1st Place Problem 1 Division I
  • Galway Central School - 1st Place Problem 1 Division III & 1st Place Problem 5 Division I
  • Schroon Lake CSD - 1st Place Problem 2 Division II & 1st Place Problem 5 Division II
  • Malta Ave Elementary (Ballston Spa) - 1st Place Problem 4 Division I
  • Cambridge Central School - 2nd Place Problem 5 Division I
  • Milton Terrace Elementary (Ballston Spa) - 3rd Place Problem 5 Division I