Battle of the Books 2022

The Washington Saratoga Warren Hamilton Essex BOCES School Library System coordinates this competition, which was held virtually this year. All students were able to participate without a limited number since it was a virtual event and there were no space limitations. 


Students in grades three through six prepared for the Battle of the Books for many months by reading a total of ten fiction and nonfiction books. The teams are tested on every kind of detail imaginable, from the plot to the dedication. During the competition, teams had 45 seconds to a minute, depending on the round, to answer a question by selecting the correct title.


“Students competing in the Battle of the Books are amazing!” Stated Kerrie Burch,

School Library System Coordinator. “They work hard reading ten books in a short time and preparing to know about each book in order to answer questions during the Battle. This is a huge accomplishment and they deserve a big round of applause! We are thankful to the districts who support this program, the coaches who give of their time to help students succeed, and the librarians who coach and facilitate this program in their schools.”


Each grade level competition is set up in a bracket system, and a first, second, and third place team is determined in the end. Each of the winning teams will be awarded a banner to have in their schools that they can proudly display.

Congratulations to ALL students who have read and competed this year. You are all WINNERS for having become an “extreme reader!”

Final results: 

3rd Grade

1st Place - Johnsburg CSD

2nd Place - Queensbury Elementary

3rd Place - St. Mary's-St. Alphonsus

4th Place - Lake George Elementary

4th Grade

1st Place - Lake George Elementary

2nd Place - Johnsburg CSD

3rd Place - Glens Falls Kensington

4th Place - Queensbury Intermediate

5th Grade

1st Place - Lake George Elementary

2nd Place - Queensbury Intermediate

3rd Place - Fort Ann CSD

4th Place - Bolton CSD

6th Grade

1st Place - Queensbury Middle School

2nd Place - Johnsburg CSD

3rd Place - Glens Falls Middle School

4th Place - (tie) Argyle CSD / Warrensburg Elementary

For additional details about Battle of the Books, click here.