SAEC Inducts 80 Members into the National Technical Honor Society

The National Technical Honor Society is a non-profit student honor organization for outstanding students enrolled in occupational, vocational or technical programs. The purpose of this organization is: to promote the ideals of honesty, service, leadership, career development, and skilled workmanship among the technical students of America; to reward meritorious achievement in technical education; to encourage and assist technical students in their pursuit of educational and career goals; to develop a greater awareness within the American business, industry, and service communities about the talents and abilities of students engaged in technical education; and to provide technical students with a greater awareness of the world of work.
Nominees must be endorsed by their teachers and maintain a 94 average in their CTE course and a 90 average in ELA/Math. Adult students were also inducted.
Congratulations to the following students!
Brandon Aldous
Kiersten Alling
Nicole Arcila
Catherine Barclay
Leigha Barnaby
Arabelle Barnaby-Wood
Emma Barrett
Christina Behan
Jayden Benoit
Kyle Bink
Connor Bogardus
Jack Bordeau
Heath Borgos
Brayden Bush
Macaulay Byrne
William Camp Jr
Julianna Casertino
Peyton Catarelli
Kiara Cenate
Kaidyn Clark
Ella Constantineau
Andrew Cooper
Logan Corso
Rowan Davidson
Kaylin Dinh
Alexis (Lexi) Dunbar
Kamari Edmondson
Aimee Ehmann
Luke Farrell
Brandon Ferris
Emily Fisher
Ryan Fosco
Antoinette Fruda
Lilly Gallagher
Emily Gardner
Kailey Gayton
Charrikka Gordon
Jahred Guy
Adam Hachem
Jubilee Harman
Gavin Hochsprung
Ava Hubany
Tarina Hunt
Tobias Jennings
Savannah Kollman
Karl Lanfear
Elizabeth Lansburg
William Lapo
Sydney Liebig
Olivia Mann
Jared Montello
Gabrielle Mowery
Gracie Nassivera
Jocelyn Novick
Emily Passno
Britney Persutti
Alyssa Petteys
Cameron Plummer
Malia Prevost
Dominique  Reich
Emylou Richards
Michael Riche
Dagan Schult
Brayden Shattuck
Cade Stathis
Ava Stewart
Drake Stewart
Peter Strassburg
Kyle Strong
Mary Sutliff
Isabella Swartz
Jack Talmadge
Alexis Taylor
Collin Traver
Bryce  Tyler
Taylor Van Ness
Brooklynn VanGuilder
Jack Varney
Evan Wing
Bradley Wright