Best of the Best

The National Technical Honor Society is a non-profit student honor organization for outstanding students enrolled in occupational, vocational or technical programs. The purpose of this organization is: to promote the ideals of honesty, service, leadership, career development, and skilled workmanship among the technical students of America; to reward meritorious achievement in technical education; to encourage and assist technical students in their pursuit of educational and career goals; to develop a greater awareness within the American business, industry, and service communities about the talents and abilities of students engaged in technical education; and to provide technical students with a greater awareness of the world of work.
Nominees must be endorsed by their teachers and maintain a 94 average in their CTE course and a 90 average in ELA/Math. Adult students were also inducted.
Congratulations to the following students!

Olivia Adams

Haely Angier

Taylor Aurelia

Karley Barkley

Erin Barrow

Emilie Basle

Jonathan Bressette

Robert Brewer

Myranda Burch

Madison Clifford

Andrew Craner

Ashton Currier

Jaelyn Cutright

Sophie DelSignore

William DeMayo

Samantha Evers

Anna Farrell

Lillian Flanagan

Gregory Frandsen

Anthony Giovannangelo

Thomas Gray Jr

Sage Grennon

Andrew Hamm

Kassandra Harrington

Sean Holmes

Zachary Kenney

Emma Koehler

Shelby Lanne

Branden Lary

Kyuwon Lee

Kayla Livingston

Juliet Lyons

Chloe Manasier

Elaina Meyer

Olivia Miner

Carlos Mosca

Samuel Mullen

Emily Navarra

Alexandra Nemec

Daisia Ontkush

Claire Pelletier-Hoblock


Sophia Quattrocchi

Dylan Rainville

Isabella Reitano-Stayer

Cole Shattuck

Summer Shave

Dawson Shippee

Zachary Smith

Samantha Spiak

Kaitlyn Stonitsch

Isabella Toney

Anthony Wakulenko

Na'Ser White

Samuel Wood