29 Exceptional Learners Receive Completion Certificates

“The confidence you have learned in the past few years, coupled with the perseverance  you have developed will help you deal with the challenges that we all face in our adult lives,” said Principal for Innovative Programs and former Dean of Students at the Myers Center, Michelle Maddalla. “The biggest lesson you taught me is how to embrace the joy. On the easy days and the difficult days, you often continued to be joyful. That joy is the essence of who you are.” 

For a complete list of the graduates, click the center names here: Myers Program and SAEC Program

Students in the Exceptional Learners Division have many different and complex needs. The staff at the F. Donald Myers Education Center and Southern Adirondack Education Center provide them with an individualized education that truly serves them so they can grow, learn and be successful. 

Congratulations class of 2022! 

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