Hometown Thanksgiving Prep Underway

The classes cooked-off, broke down, and picked the bones of the turkeys for as much meat as possible. The meat will be portioned into pans and the bones simmered for 2 days to make stock, which will be turned into gravy. Apple peeling, slicing and prepping began and students will soon start to make the apple pies for the meal.

Two students from the programs stepped out to talk about this work and what it means to them. 

Patrick C. from Glens Falls said that this is “one of many outreach opportunities where we take a mass amount of food and we turn it into something truly amazing for a large group of people.” This project is important to him because he and his student teammates, “come together to work towards a common goal to make a great impact on the community.” 


Bryan C. from Queensbury said that Thanksgiving is important to him because he is able to “spend time with my grandmother and family. My grandmother is more lively when we all get together.” He continued by saying this project is “about giving back. Our work helps other people and we can make sure they have a meal on Thanksgiving.” 


Hometown Thanksgiving Co-president, Jimi Grimmer, was there alongside the students helping them with the preparation and talking about the impact of their work. Grimmer has been volunteering with Hometown Thanksgiving since 1994 when he was 13 years old. Committee members have been a part of this since 1984, 1994, 1999 and the 2000s. Grimmer said that “without the generosity of the donors, the meals we serve would not be possible.”


CTE is happy to support these community service projects. Students understand the importance of giving back to their community.

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