Bronze for the Win and More at the National FFA Convention

The Environmental Conservation and Forestry Student team from SAEC placed Bronze in the National FFA competition, representing New York State.


Student Individual Awards:

William Camp Jr - Fort Ann - Bronze

Kaidyn Clark - Queensbury - Bronze

Emily Passno - Queensbury - Silver

Drake Stewart - Hartford - Bronze


The National Future Farmers of America (FFA) Forestry Career Development Event is designed to stimulate student interest and to promote the forestry industry as a career choice. It also provides recognition for those who have demonstrated skills and competencies as a result of forestry instruction in the agriculture education classroom.


The competition in Indiana was composed of 42 teams, each from a different state. Teams and individuals were tested on a variety of skills and knowledge about forestry. 


This year's Forestry CDE required students to take a 50 question general knowledge exam, regarding forestry and forest science before heading to Indianapolis. Once they arrived, they worked on an individual practicum. Before heading home, they worked as a team on the last competition.


William Camp Jr. from Fort Ann, said “the experience of traveling to another part of the country, seeing what the land and people are like, and seeing people from nearly 50 states in one spot was beneficial to me as a person. I learned a lot about myself and others.” 


The students all agreed that the competition, experience and knowledge gained was invaluable. 


Emily Passno, from Queensbury, who won a silver award said it was a great learning experience for her. 


If it wasn’t for [our instructor] Mrs.Slater believing in us, we wouldn’t have been able to experience this. Mrs.Slater pushed us to study and to never give up.” Passno said. She said she really appreciates the FFA and BOCES alumni for setting up the trip. 


Kaidyn Clark, from Queensbury, said “this competition was a success and a major learning experience. My team is very proud of the accomplishments we made. I’m thankful to all competition supervisors, the FFA organization, and our wonderful instructor, Sherri Slater.” 


Drake Stewart, from Hartford said that all the time and work they put into studying and learning paid off. 


We had an amazing time, our hard work really showed.” Stewart said. 


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