Tay “Firefly” Fisher Presents Motivational Assembly

Former Harlem Globetrotter Tay “Firefly” Fisher presented his Path to Greatness motivational assembly to Exceptional Learners Division students at three WSWHE BOCES Centers; Washington Street Teaching & Learning Center in Fort Edward, the Southern Adirondack Education Center in Hudson Falls and the F. Donald Myers Center in Saratoga Springs. He visited the centers on February 2 and 3, 2023.

Tay Fisher has a story that can relate to his audience no matter their interests or life experiences. During all three visits, each audience member was captivated by his stories, photos and videos talking about his childhood, college life, travels with the Globetrotters and his family life now. He discussed perseverance, hard work, success, failure (a part of success) and chasing your dreams no matter how long it may take. 

Fisher encouraged students to find their safe space whether it’s at school, a friend’s house or the Boys and Girls Club like he did. He talked about finding a place where a person can feel comfortable and have the support they need to make life goals come to fruition. 

His message was powerful, impactful and left the students full of excitement to always do their best. 

About Tay Fisher
Tay “Firefly” Fisher, a 2004 graduate of Kingston High School, has springboarded his dedication, perseverance, and talent into a fantastic career as an internationally known player. The future wasn't always so bright for Tay. He had to face many difficult obstacles on and off the court that led him on this unthinkable journey. Tay helped propel the Siena Saints to the 2007-2008 MAAC regular season, and postseason titles, and a stunning 83-62 upset of SEC power Vanderbilt in the first round of the 2008 NCAA Tournament, a game in which he was six-for-six on three-pointers. He shot an incredible 44.4 percent from three-point range that season as a senior and then was a 2008 Globetrotters draftee. 

About the WSWHE BOCES Exceptional Learners Division (ELD)
The Exceptional Learners Division serves students with disabilities whose instructional needs can’t be met appropriately in their local districts. WSWHE BOCES does this by bringing together highly skilled teachers and providing them with the opportunity to give students a significant amount of individualized instruction.

Students come to ELD with many different and complex needs and we provide an education that truly serves them – so that they can grow, learn and be successful.

Our approach is flexible. We discover what works. That’s why so many ELD students are successful academically, and then later in the workforce. That’s also why parents tell us we give them a real sense of hope that many of them had lost.

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