110 SAEC Students Inducted into the National Technical Honor Society

The National Technical Honor Society is a non-profit student honor organization for outstanding students enrolled in occupational, vocational or technical programs. The purpose of this organization is: to promote the ideals of honesty, service, leadership, career development, and skilled workmanship among the technical students of America; to reward meritorious achievement in technical education; to encourage and assist technical students in their pursuit of educational and career goals; to develop a greater awareness within the American business, industry, and service communities about the talents and abilities of students engaged in technical education; and to provide technical students with a greater awareness of the world of work.
Nominees must be endorsed by their teachers and maintain a 94 average in their CTE course and a 90 average in ELA/Math. Adult students were also inducted.
Click here for photos from the event.
Congratulations to the following students!

Kiersten Alling*
Nicole Arcila*
Andrew Austin
Kailey Bacon
Kara Bacon
Alexander Baker
Alivia Baker
Leigha Barnaby*
Arabelle Barnaby-Wood*
Riley Barnes
Colton Bell
Gavin Bennett
Blake Bird
Madelynne Blaich
LaJaune Bonds
Gabriel Burch
Hailey Burdick
Megyn Buser
William Camp Jr *
Kiara Cenate *
Jonathan Chaplin
Kaidyn Clark *
Kyra Connelly
Olivia Corentto
Kamryn Couture
Martha Creede
Daalten DeMarsh
Veronica Dennis
Kiley Deuel
Kaylin Dinh *
MacKenzie Dixson
Eloise Duggal
Aimee Ehmann *
David Facteau
Brandon Ferris*
Jadyn Fish
Nathan Fiske
Karah Fountaine
Emily Gardner *
Joshua Geczy
Emily Gongola
Aiden Gormley
Paul Granger
Preston Gulick
Alex Heller
Hunter Herrington
Ciara Hirsch
Gavin Hochsprung *
Tarina Hunt *
Dylan Ingram
Teagan Jarvis
Tobias Jennings *
Eric Kenyon
Hannah Kingsley
Zachary Kramar
Maya LaBarge
Lily Lanphear
Charlotte Liddle
Mikayla Linehan
Alicia Liptak
Rhiannon Loomis
Benjamin McKeever
Camdon McKittrick
Nathan McNally
Jacob McPhee
Olivia Megna
Logan Miller
Michael Minor
Jaiden Mosher
Ella Moskov
Alexander Mulvey
Ryleigh Nolan
Alexis Pape
Emma Parker
Everett Parker
Evan Paro
Emily Passno*
Scott Patton Jr.
Trista Petty
Ava Pirozzolo
Olivia Portillo
Colt Powell
Carson Rath
Nathan Reed
Emylou Richards *
Michael Riche *
Lily Roberts
Damon Saunders
Skyler Scally
Dagan Schult*
Michael Schwab
Benjamin Scripture
Cade Stathis*
Elizabeth Stephenson
Drake Stewart*
Madelynn Stockwell
Callon Sutliff
Jack Talmadge *
Ashton Tokarski
Samantha Traver
Taylor Van Ness*
Brooklynn VanGuilder*
Aubrey Versailles
Isabella Vorraro
Vincent Westfall
Ellie White
Gavin Williams
Evan Wing*
Cameron Wiseman
Scott Wittman
*Indicates 2nd year member