Twenty Four Staff Members Honored at Tenure Ceremony

Tenure is an employment status certified educators may earn by successfully completing a period of probationary employment and then, upon recommendation of the superintendent, being granted this status by the Board of Education in accordance with Education Law (ยงยง 2509, 2573, 3012, 3014). 

Congratulations to all and thank you for your service.


Amanda Bergin, Coordinator for School Improvement Services

Cheri Blondin, Special Education 

Alyssa Brooks, Special Education

Kealy Brunelle, TESOL

Celeste David, Home Economics/Foods

Gary Gordon, Computer Technology

Monica Guglielmo, Teaching Assistant

Katherine Ketchum, Reading (Literacy)

Kara Lawrence, Speech & Language Disabilities

Timothy LeMere, Mathematics

Megan Lewis, Special Education

Courtney Mancini, School Counselor

Elizabeth McQueen, Practical Nursing

Ronald Rushia Jr., Physical Education

Katharine Sarro, Special Education

Sarah Schutz, Advanced Manufacturing

Nicole Senecal, Special Education

Carrie Sherman, Teaching Assistant

Jennifer Skaczkowski, School Counselor

John Griffith Terry, Art

Sarah Turcotte, Special Education

Nathanael VanVorst, School Counselor

Dawn Weber, Special Education 

Chloe Williams, Teaching Assistant

A beautiful flower arrangement was created for the event by Myers CTE Horticulture students. Cupcakes were provided by the Myers Culinary Arts & Hospitality students.