Environmental Conservation & Forestry Students Honor Veterans in a Unique Way

Students performed tree care and site beautification using the skills they’ve acquired in their Career and Technical Education (CTE) program to honor those who gave so much. One of 51 sites in the national event, it was the only one in New York State.

Senior Isabelle Edmond of Mechanicville said she was glad to give back to the community and make the cemetery more attractive for visitors. 

“We volunteered to take down some trees and prune some trees in order to better help the resting place of veterans and their families,” said Edmond.

She said she chose her CTE program at WSWHE BOCES because it's hands-on and she really likes to learn that way. During the day, students partnered with industry experts. They were able to pick up tips and make connections for their future. 

Roman Gaddeau is a veteran of the Iraq War and an alumni of the program who came back to help Instructor Dennis Flynn. He says he enjoys being a chaperone for this special day.


“I think this is important for students, the different generations, especially since the older generations are going away. The younger generations need to learn about their contributions.”

Instructor Dennis Flynn says he feels proud to support the cemetery.

“Not only are the students getting hands-on experience but they are helping their community,” said Flynn.

Flynn said that several students have family members who are buried at the cemetery and that was another motivation for them to volunteer. This is the 7th year his program has joined in the effort.


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