Battle of the Books 2024 in “The Books”

Students in grades 3-6 prepared for the Battle of the Books for many months by reading a total of 10 fiction and non-fiction books. The teams, which consist of 15 or fewer students each, have tested themselves on every kind of detail imaginable, from the plot and characters to the dedication and authors notes. During the competition, five students on the team had 20 seconds to answer a recall question, responding with the title and author of the book. Teams can switch players mid-way through the battle if they so choose. There are 31 questions per round for each battle.

“This year’s Battle of the Books was one of the largest in recent history. There were several close battles showing just how well prepared the teams were this year. Reading ten books in such a short time and then being able to remember the details for each is a huge accomplishment. We are all so proud of the student participants for their hard work and love of reading,” says WSWHE BOCES School Library System Coordinator, Kerrie Burch.

“The competition engages students, encourages them to read books they might not choose on their own, and opens up a whole new world of reading for them,” added Burch. 

Each grade level competition is set up in a bracket system where a first, second, and third place team is determined in the end. Each of the winning teams is awarded a banner to bring back to their schools that can be displayed.

Congratulations to ALL students who read and competed this year. You are all WINNERS!

Final results: 


1st Place - St. Clement’s School

2nd Place - North Warren Central School

3rd Place - Hudson Falls Primary School


1st Place - St. Clement’s School

2nd Place - Hudson Falls Intermediate School

3rd Place - Lake George Elementary School


1st Place - Warrensburg Elementary School

2nd Place - Glens Falls Middle School

3rd Place - Johnsburg Elementary School


1st Place - Hadley-Luzerne Elementary School

2nd Place - St. Mary’s - St. Alphonsus RCS

3rd Place - Warrensburg Elementary School

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