77 Myers Students Inducted into the National Technical Honor Society

The National Technical Honor Society is a non-profit student honor organization for outstanding students enrolled in occupational, vocational or technical programs. The purpose of this organization is: to promote the ideals of honesty, service, leadership, career development, and skilled workmanship among the technical students of America; to reward meritorious achievement in technical education; to encourage and assist technical students in their pursuit of educational and career goals; to develop a greater awareness within the American business, industry, and service communities about the talents and abilities of students engaged in technical education; and to provide technical students with a greater awareness of the world of work.

Nominees must be endorsed by their teachers and maintain a 94 average in their CTE course and a 90 average in ELA/Math. Adult students were also inducted.

Congratulations to the following students!

Jaylin Adams

Abigail Aldrich

Yasmine Alregabi

Alexis Aurelia

Madisyn Awilow*

Jaime Baas

Chloe Barber

Lily Barnes

Alex Bautista*

Bennett Bbeardsley

Parker Bendon

Jayda Benros

Louis Betit

Noah Bishop

Jameson Brownell 

Kira Burt

Emily Bush

Luke Clark 

Emily Coe

Madeline Collins 

Kaia Dake

Sierra Denison

Sophia DePaulo

Annastasia DiGiuseppe

Willow Donaldson

Trey Dorman

Alisabeth Dreher

Austin Ebert

Isabelle Edmond*

Dylon Emigh 

Jordan Ercole

Olivia Farrell

Logan Fletcher*

Madison Fodge

Chloe Gilmore

Rebekah Hodges

Leanna Hollner

Denver Horstmyer

Stella Hostetter*

Victoria Jaruga

Landon Kelly

Seth Kenyon

Jude Leight*

Edward Lewis

Gabriella Lucarelli

Michael Marshall III*

Reilly McCormick

Nicholas McCray

Lucas McManus

Joseph McPadden*

Allie McQueen

Jackson Melnyk

Kerrigan Millis

Lillian Moore

Ava-Rae Nelson

Jonanthony Nikola

Marley Nokes

Natalee Paquette

Alexis Park

Mina Pascucci

Tyler Phillips

Tyler Rorick*

Gabriella Sanchez

Natalie Sanders*

Joseph Sleight

Nathan Starks

Taylor Steepe

Lucia Sushynski

Olivia Swinton* 

Jaiden Traglia

Ella Trahan

Abby Valdez

Ethan Vasak

Jayleena Viel

Sean Ward

Hailey Wilson

Emma Ye

*Indicates 2nd year member

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