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2022 Summer Enrichment
Keep curious young minds learning over vacation with the ERC Summer Enrichment Program!
jr. chef
Halfway Homemade - Learn to create delicious baked treats using a few shortcuts to help save time, not taste! We will turn fast, easy recipes into beautiful indulgences.
Intro to Chocolate Making - Inspire young minds with the magic of chocolate! Taste and play while we learn about this amazing, versatile and delicious "food of the gods."
steam academy
BEE Yourself! - Honey bees are small but provide a huge impact on our daily lives by working together as a team in very innovative ways. Much like our lives, bees are busy, but finding time to stop and smell the roses is vital for them to continue their work and persevere.
The Strategy of Design: Mix strategy, design, and fun to create a one of a kind board game. We start with learning basic game mechanisms by studying how some of the most popular games are played and gain an understanding of the different strategies used to make a game work well.
Get Wild! - Be prepared to get wild in the Adirondacks as we explore the unique plants and animals of our backyard. This interactive adventure will have students working on fun creative projects, conducting exciting experiments, discovering our local ecosystem and learning about environmental stewardship.
Movement, Mindfulness and Patterns in Nature - Explore the connections between our bodies, minds, and the natural world around us, as well as the shapes and patterns that exist in nature.
Anatomy of a Comic Book - Students will learn first hand the intricacies behind developing a comic book. They will storyboard their ideas, illustrate their characters, and letter their own graphic margins in order to create their very own comic book.
The Strategy of Design: Mix strategy, design, and fun to create a one of a kind board game. Students will team up to design their own board game, build a prototype and participate in a playtest where the class will provide constructive feedback.
Exploring VanGogh - Vincent Van Gogh has become one of the most famous and influential artists in history due to his unique style and his focus on painting everyday life. We will explore some of his most famous pieces, discuss the techniques and color choices used and then create our own Van Gogh inspired paintings!
game design


Albany Can Code will give students a behind the scenes look at how their favorite games are created. This course will focus on the development and creation of digital game design. Students will see their imagination come to life by coding a game they create!


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