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Work-Based Learning with ECCA

Site Visits 
We are grateful for our industry partners that allow our students to visit their sites, hear from employees and see first-hand what goes on at the companies. 
Connecting Students, Employers, and the Community
Educators and employers have long recognized that an effective way to prepare for employment in a specific area is to administer on-the-job training in that occupation. In many of our programs, classroom laboratories closely imitate actual job conditions and situations. Internships provide another way to instill job competence by supplementing the classroom experience.
For many students, these experiences help develop personal initiative, confidence, teamwork, positive attitudes, and professional behavior. It's these "work readiness skills" that often make the difference between job candidates of similar or equal training or experience. WSWHE BOCES offers a variety of internship opportunities in conjunction with area businesses/industries. Programs are available for students enrolled in one of our many CTE programs as well as for those students in component school districts looking to explore different career options.
Individual Internships
Internship Programs enable students to extend the classroom into a workplace setting wherein they can learn business and industry standards and practices, work readiness skills, and the application of academics within their chosen field. Internships are aligned with ECCA program goals currently offered through WSWHE BOCES and are developed in collaboration with the programs teachers, local business partners, and the Work-Based Learning Coordinator.

Typically, students work during school time. They are evaluated by their mentors and graded by their teacher. The length of the internship is agreed upon in advance by the student, teacher and employer and range in length from 10-60 hours.

Group Job Shadowing (Site Visits)
Group job shadows allow our business partners an opportunity to show off their facility. This also helps to introduce students to different working environments they will work at during their careers. During the agreed upon time, students spend time on job sites with a tour guide observing what your business and employees perform on a daily basis. Periodically, the mentor/employer and Work-Based Learning Coordinator will assess the students readiness for work.

Individual Job Shadowing
Job shadowing is a career exploration activity where a student is paired with a business partner and follows that person during much of a regular workday.  Students will:
  • Experience the workplace
  • Explore a particular occupation
  • Learn about the business
  • Connect with a working adult
  • Observe work in progress
  • Interact with clients or customers
  • Attend meetings and other appointments 

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