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Enrichment Resource Center

Welcome to the Enrichment Resource Center

The Enrichment Resource Center assists schools in developing programs that are tailored to the specific needs of their students, as well as training to strengthen the differentiation skills of the classroom teachers so they can provide a rich learning experience for all levels of students.



Programs Include:
ERC programs
           Arts in Education             STEAM               Project Enrich           Young Scholars
         Odyssey of the Mind      Talent Unlimited          Spelling Bee       Summer Enrichment

Our programs offer:

  • Intellectual challenge and stimulation
  • The need to develop to one's fullest potential as a learner – regardless of ability
  • An instructional pace that continually stimulates learning

To effectively and proactively address these needs, WSWHE  BOCES offers a wide range of shared programs and services to help not only students, but their teachers, administrators, and parents as well. These efforts are coordinated through the Enrichment Resource Center. 


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ERC Program
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