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Team Leader

Position: Team Leader 
Program: Exceptional Learners Division & Career and Technical Education Division
Category: Internal Applicants Only
Position Status: Stipend Position 
$3,716 - Per SABEA Faculty Contract
Job Posting Start Date: May 13, 2022
Application Deadline: June 2, 2022
Position Start Date: September 1, 2022-June 30, 2023

As per Faculty Unit Negotiated Agreement; Article 14.2. Must be an actively employed (2022-2023) certified and tenured teacher or a certified and permanently appointed occupational therapist, physical therapist, mental health counselor, and must be a member of the team to which applying.
FUNCTION: (General Statement of Duties and Distinguishing Features of Class)
  • The Team Leader shall be responsible for a total program of instruction and coordination which assures communication and articulation between and among staff members. The Team Leader will accept those responsibilities delegated by the appropriate administrator to provide the best educational program possible.

Team Leader Qualities: The team leader will possess the following characteristics: a positive attitude toward instruction and professional development; strong organizational skills, collaborate well with other team leaders and team members; and clear communication skills. They will be an example of integrity and be approachable by others. Team Leaders should be from the team they belong to and not a leader from a different team than they are a member of.

RESPONSIBILITIES: (The following are illustrative only and are not limiting or all-inclusive)
  • Organize and conduct monthly team meetings to facilitate and improve communication between staff around the team role and responsibilities:
  • Focus on student outcomes through program improvement and curriculum development;
  • Ensure accountability through clear communications and dissemination of information; and
  • Promote professional growth and development.
  • Assist in planning and implementing organizational, divisional, and team goals and objectives;
  • Orient new staff personnel where appropriate;
  • Provide all information discussed at the organizational and divisional level meetings to team members;
  • Support organizational and divisional initiatives;
  • Keep reports of team activities and prepare necessary reports on the progress, completion, and evaluation of these activities;
  • Assist in the recruitment, orientation, and retention of team members;
  • Advise the appropriate administrator on all matters relating to the function of the team;
  • Provide a year-end report of the department to the appropriate administrator with pertinent data, accomplishments, and specific recommendations with measurable objectives for the succeeding year;
  • Provide input to the appropriate administrator in determining program needs and for instructional programs;
  • Assist team members in developing and managing resources, materials, and budget following administrative guidelines;
  • Meet a minimum of once a month with team members, division team leaders, and the organization team leaders;
  • Function with the appropriate administrator as an advisory and counseling group to consider any and all matters pertaining to their joint and mutual considerations;
  • Mandatory participation in the orientation and training;
  • And other such duties as may be assigned.

  • Focus on student outcomes through program improvement and curriculum development.
  • Ensure accountability through clear communications and dissemination of information.
  • Promote professional growth and development.
The Teams:
Exceptional Learners Division Team Leaders
Elementary Special Education Team Leader (1 Position)
BEARS Team Leader (1 Position)
Secondary - ELA/Social Studies Team Leader (1 Position) (Middle, Junior & Senior High, including 4:1:2)
Secondary - Math/Science Cluster Team Leader (1 Position) (Middle, Junior & Senior High)
Academic Itinerants (1 Position) (including Gifted & Talented)
English as a Second Language/Foreign Language (1 Position)
Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (TODHOH)/Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI) (1 Position)
Occupational Therapist & Physical Therapist (OT/PT) (1 Position)
Speech & Assistive Technology (1 Position) 
School Social Workers, School Counselors & Mental Health Counselors (1 Position)
Career & Technical Education Division Team Leaders
Early College Career Academy (1 Position - Queensbury & Wilton Campuses) 
(including WBL Coordinator & School Counselor)
Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources (1 Position - SAEC & Myers Campuses) 
Included in Team: Horticulture, Environmental Conservation & Horse Care
Architecture & Construction (1 Position - SAEC & Myers Campuses)
Included in Team: Construction Trades, HVAC, Welding, & Heavy Equipment 
Health Sciences (1 Position - SAEC & Myers Campuses)
Included in Team: Health Occupations & New Vision Health 
Integrated Academics (1 Position - SAEC & Myers Campuses)
Included in Team: ELA &  Math Teachers
Academic Support (1 Position - SAEC & Myers Campuses)
Included in Team: School Counselors, Consultant Teachers & Work-Based Learning Coordinators
Hospitality & Tourism (1 Position - SAEC & Myers Campuses)
Included in Team: Culinary Arts & Service Level-Hospitality 
Human Services (1 Position - SAEC & Myers Campuses)
Included in Team: Early Childhood Education, Criminal Justice Studies, & Cosmetology
STEM (1 Position - SAEC & Myers Campuses)
Included in Team: New Visions Engineering, Machine Tool Technology, & Graphics
Transportation, Distribution & Logistics (1 Position - SAEC & Myers Campuses)
Included in Team: Service Level Trades, Automotive Technology, Auto Body & Power Sports 

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Internal Applicants
Questions about this position, please contact Office of Personnel/HR
via email at: [email protected]
via phone at: 518-581-3358