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TASC™ Test

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What is the TASC™ TEST?
TASC™ stands for Test Assessing Secondary Completion.
You may remember the term GED exam. Well, this replaces that. New York State now uses the TASC Test to measure high school equivalency and college and career readiness.

The exam consists of 5 areas, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. To pass the TASC Test, examinees must demonstrate a level of achievement similar to that of typical high school seniors.
How do I sign up for the TASC™ TEST?
If you feel you are ready, you can sign up to take the exam by calling our county TASC examiner at 518-581-3553. When you take the exam, you will need to bring a legal form of identification. 
If you think you need help to prepare for the test, give us a call or fill out an interest form with our High School Equivalency Preparation program. Call us at 518-581-3555, email hse@wswheboces.org or click here to complete the interest form and someone will contact you. 
Next Steps
Once you've signed up for the TASC Test, the examiner will give you information you need such as where you need to go, what you need to bring and what time you need to show up to the test. 
If you start a preparation program class, you will need to attend two free orientation sessions to learn more about the program, hear about the amazing teachers and you will do some testing to see where you are with reading and math levels so that we can start you in the right spot to get prepared to take the TASC Test. After this, if you are ready to sign up, you will contact our office and choose a class that works for your schedule. From there on, you will be learning and preparing to take the test. 
After the Test
If you take the test and pass, congratulations! You will then earn your High School Equivalency Diploma. 
If you pass only a portion of the test, you don't have to retake those sections, you can schedule a time to take the other portions or work though more preparation classes and then when you are ready, take the exam. 
If you do not pass, it's okay. We will continue to work with you as you keep taking preparation classes. We can work together on the things you need to improve and make you a stronger candidate for taking the test again. 
Your Future
After you pass the test, we have other resources to help you with your future. If you choose to continue on with your learning and attend classes such as those offered by our Employment Training for Adults programs or you want to find a job, we offer many resources to help you