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Steps to Get Your Diploma

4 Steps to Embrace Your Future and earn your High School Equivalency Diploma

This is a comfortable and friendly environment. 
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Step 1 - FREE Orientation

  • Attend the FREE orientation (must attend all days in the session)
  • We’ll discuss how the program works
  • Your reading and math levels will be tested to help decide on your study plan

Step 2 - Learn & Study

  • Sign up for the program/preparation classes
  • Take the classes as long as you need
  • We work together to help you learn and how to succeed

Step 3 - Take the Test (GED® Exam)

  • Take this when you are ready. If you need a year to prep, or two... that works 
  • If you need 6 months to study and you feel ready… we’ll show you how to sign up 
  • The test is called the GED® Exam (formerly the TASC Test)

Step 4 - Earn Your Diploma & Graduate

  • When you pass, we'll celebrate with with you! 


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