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Spotlight Corner

The Staff Spotlight Award is given to a WSWHE BOCES employee who is deserving of special recognition for exemplary performance, special achievements and for shining a positive light or bringing attention to the organization. They are our own BOCES beacons of light.
shayne bishop with spotlight awardThe most recent Staff Spotlight Award was presented to Shayne Bishop at the March 9, 2021 Board of Education meeting. This has been an incredible year for Shayne Bishop. While many have experienced the impacts of the pandemic Shayne has achieved many milestones: Shayne recently bought a house, he recently got engaged, and on December 15th Shayne’s son Asher Benjamin was born. Things were not only great for Shayne personally but professionally as well. On February 10th Shayne was recognized by WNYT and SEFCU as a “Top Teacher”. Shayne was one of 13 teachers recognized out of 200 nominations!! Shayne received this recognition for the positive impact he has had on the students he works with. Shayne not only helps his students be good mathematicians but also good productive citizens. Shayne has a great rapport with his students and uses this to engage them in their course work. He often takes the topic being taught and ties it into the students’ interests. It is not uncommon to see students using their math skills while working on the garden, cooking beef jerky, making a 10-foot holiday tree out of measuring tapes, or studying projectile motion while looking at shooting a basketball or doing aerial tricks on a bike. Students even proposed using a mathematical equation to figure out how long it will take Mr. Bishop to go bald and look like Dr. Hunziker. These are all engagement activities that cannot be found in a text book or in the math modules but Shayne uses them to supplement the curriculum and engage students. Students look forward to going to Mr. Bishops class and joining him on the court for a game of basketball.
In addition to being selected as a “Top Teacher” Shayne has also been nominated for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. Finalists for this award will be announced in June.
Shayne Bishop is a role model for others in the field and he is a great ambassador for the BOCES. He is truly a professional and is continuously evaluating his work to provide his students with the highest level of instruction possible. It is because of Shaye Bishop’s commitment to excellence that he was recognized by the board.

Chef Matt Young with Staff Spotlight AwardThe most recent Staff Spotlight Award was presented to Chef Matt Young at the WSWHE BOCES Board of Education meeting on October 9, 2019. Chef Matt Young played an instrumental part in the food service planning, purchasing and execution of the Adirondack School Board Association dinner in September 2019 at the Ballard Road Conference Center. His willingness to lead and organize this collaborative catering event which engaged the culinary teams from both the Myers Center and the Southern Adirondack Education Center, was exemplary and provided valuable real world experience for all of the students involved. Beginning in August, he made himself available on multiple occasions to meet with administration and plan the events menu and service. In addition, Chef Young provided guidance on how to properly outfit the new facility with equipment designed to handle future catering events. Chef Matt's "can do" attitude, quality of instruction and finished product is a credit to himself, the CTE division and our organization as a whole.


Woman holding awardA Staff Spotlight Award was presented was presented to Executive Chef Celeste David at the WSWHE BOCES Board of Education meeting on September 11, 2019. Chef David demonstrated a high level of commitment, dedication and creativity as she worked hard to contribute to the Washington County Fair for the past two summers. Immediately upon joining the BOCES team last year, she came up with a menu that she thought would work well within our parameters at the fair. She also worked with Culinary Arts students who volunteered to prepare food for the fair and to be part of the demonstrations. She even trained students to help with the prep work. 

At the 2018 Washington County Fair Chef David gave two demonstrations of how to make homemade hummus and served it with a mezze platter. Those samples were prepared and packaged back at the F. Donald Myers Education Center and distributed at the fair during the demos. In 2019 she and her students demonstrated how to make grilled cheese with bacon onion jam and homemade potato chips on two different days at the fair. She also created the CTE Cupcake Challenge, a cupcake baking/decorating competition for kids ages 7-12.


Woman holding awardA Staff Spotlight Award was presented to Kim Wegner at the WSWHE BOCES Board of Education meeting on April 10, 2019. Kim’s article was recently featured in the SAANYS Vanguard Journal, Winter Edition. In her article, titled “Early College Career Academy: A partnership between SUNY Adirondack and WSWHE BOCES”, Kim highlighted the merits of this exceptional program, which has continued to grow since its inception in 2014. As Lead Coordinator for Innovative Programs, Kim has continuously maintained a focus on partnering with business and industry representatives to provide opportunities for students to gain valuable experiences and gain the skills needed to be able to contribute to the development of a skilled workforce in our region. Among many other accomplishments, she led the planning team for the Career Jam, an event that was sponsored by the core partners of Saratoga Economic Development Corporation, the BOCES, the Warren-Washington Workforce Development Board and members of the business community. As a result of this event, many middle school students now have a better sense of the companies in our region and the types of careers that exist in them. Greenwich Superintendent of Schools, Mark Fish, described the program as “high quality, one of the best things that's happened in our region.” That summarizes the work that Kim does - high quality, and focused on providing students with relevant opportunities. The Staff Spotlight Award is a small thank you and recognition of her efforts and her publication.