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STEAM Fusion

STEAM Fusion

 NEATEC and the Enrichment Resource Center have teamed up to create a new program: STEAM Fusion! This program is designed to assist educators in bringing more STEAM activities to the classroom by assisting in the implementation of technologies presented in a series of professional development workshops.

          Learn from the pros!

The program begins with a free professional development series created and provided by NEATEC. Educators will enjoy a day of exploring and working with new technologies that can be applied to a wide variety of lesson plans and curriculum.

          STEAM Coaching!

Now it is time to implement what you learned into the classroom through a 10 week STEAM Fusion Program offered by the Enrichment Resource Center at the cost of $2,750*. Educators will be provided with a STEAM Fusion Coach and a 10 week STEAM Course developed specifically to incorporate the technologies learned in the professional development series. STEAM Fusion courses provide 20 hours of instruction, NGSS aligned curriculum and supplies needed to teach the course.

          Keep it Going!

Educators will have access to the classroom technology kits provided by NEATEC, distributed through WSWHE BOCES courier which includes all the components necessary to continue these programs. Kits include the technical equipment, lesson plans, presentation materials and all other supporting documents need to assist educators for future classes.

*Please note: The participation in this program requires districts to purchase a STEAM Fusion Course for each attendee.  Districts must be a member of the Enrichment Resource Center by paying the base fee.


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