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STEAM integration

 In an effort to help build the regional talent pipeline and increase science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) programming for students without breaking the bank, districts are utilizing the BOCES STEAM Integration service to build capacity and develop innovative, project-based STEAM courses. 

It is imperative that we introduce students at an early age to careers, occupations, and studies in STEAM-related disciplines. As a result, we have created an Integrated STEAM curriculum that enhances the current elementary and middle school teacher's curriculum in the STEAM disciplines.

The STEAM Integration Program offers school districts the opportunity to bring in facilitators in disciplines of Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Marine Biology, Architectural Engineering, Biological Sciences, 3D Printing, Ecosystem of Coral Reefs, Arduinos (microprocessors), Computer Coding and Programming, Rube Goldberg and Nano Technology. 

Additionally, the STEAM Integration Program provides professional development for teachers in science and technology. It also hosts popular events for students such as Young Scientists Day and Young Mathematicians Day. 

Districts may choose from three different cooperative services, all of which are eligible for state aid. Integrated STEAM instruction will provide assimilated concepts from more than one discipline and more than one standard. This process will ensure that students are learning in an interactive environment and obtaining skills such as communication, collaboration, and problem- solving skills. Below are descriptions of the cooperative service options that a district can utilize.

  1. Integrated into the Young Scholars Program co-teaching with a Young Scholars instructor*
  2. Offered as a Project Enrich after-school program*
  3. Offered as aVirtual STEAM Integration Program*
  4. Offered as an Exploratory Enrichment program*


*For the first two options, the district has to participate in the Gifted and Talented Resource Base Service.

For the last option, the district has to participate in the Arts in Education Base Service. 

As an interim approach (pre-professional development for Common Core Standards), the STEAM Integration co-teaching approach will put current K-5 teachers at ease with the understanding that they do not need to be experts in the STEAM disciplines.

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