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School Improvement Services

Effective skills in data analysis and interpretation are essential to the development of school improvement plans leading to improved student achievement. This service is aimed at supporting school districts in collecting and analyzing various types of data to identify strengths and weaknesses at either the program level or student level. The service includes: 

  • The collection and analysis of school data
  • Assistance with reporting, analyzing, and interpreting New York State assessment data

Data Analysis Services meets federal requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) for data-driven decision making and will provide technical assistance and support for the Regents Reform Agenda. Districts that purchase School Improvement and Data Analysis get both services for the same base fee. 

All educators with a desire to enhance their skills and/or resources for data-driven decision-making can benefit from the continuum of services that are available. The continuum ranges from the provision of comprehensive analyses of district data to general support and training as districts analyze their own data. Some potential services include:

Base Service
As a part of the base service, component districts are provided with trend charts summarizing ELA and Math 3-8 data. In addition, districts receive item maps for these assessments.

After receipt of these materials, districts are invited to receive technical assistance on how to interpret the ELA and Math 3-8 data charts. Through presentations and discussions of the data, district representatives are able to identify need for custom work such as additional data analysis needed for decision-making and/or additional workshops needed to inform instruction. From these efforts, districts are in position to identify possible changes to programming to target instructional activities.

The service also provides technical assistance on data warehousing efforts, graduation rates and dropout trend charts, and district comparison tables for ELA and Math 3-8, English Regents, and Integrated Algebra Regents.

Custom Service
In addition to the base service, custom work can be commissioned by participating districts for an additional fee (cost dependent on the scope of the project). 

Learn more about assessment workshops for teachers and/or administrators by searching MyLearningPlan.

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