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Advanced Manufacturing

What is Advanced Manufacturing?

Advanced manufacturing involves the use of automation technology to improve products and/or processes. This includes robotics, sensors, computer numerical controls (CNC), programmable logic controls (PLC), etc.
Knowledge and skills in the field provides many opportunities, including the ability to:
Create complex technological products via
  • CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing)
  • 3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping
  • CNC Machining/Mechatronics

Increase reliability, affordability, and availability of products through
  • Advanced robotics and automation
  • Sustainability and control systems
  • Precision technologies and flexibility

Work with business partners to
  • Apply classroom principles to real-world scenarios
  • Experience modern manufacturing environments
  • Develop tangible relationships with industry professionals
Program Overview

This two-year program is based on the Certified Production Technician (CPT) curriculum provided by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC). Major program topics include the study and use of computer aided design (CAD), sensor technologies, plastic forming, 3D printing, robotics, computer aided manufacturing (CAM), pneumatics and programmable logic controls(PLCs).
By the end of the program students will have had the following experiences and opportunities:
Student centered learning 
Students take an active role in their own education, working with teachers in a professional, collaborative environment built on two-way communication. Every subject is taught through project-based learning that engages students in every facet of their education.
Participate in real world projects and industry challenges
Just as is done in the real world, students will often work in teams to design and develop novel solutions to class projects and industry challenges that are mentored by the program’s business partners.
Build strong ties with local industry partners
The program's business partners host students for learning opportunities alongside experts, sponsor Kaizen events and industry challenges, and guest lecture in our classes, which result in relationships and future employment opportunities.
Use cutting-edge technology
The Advanced Manufacturing students are provided with a laptop. The state-of-the-art learning lab contains the following equipment:
  • CNC Milling Machine  -  CNC Lathes  -  3D Printers  -  Laser Engraver  -  Plastic Thermoforming  -  Various Robotics  -  Precision Measurement Tools  -  Voltmeters  -  Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)  -  Pneumatics  -  Various Types of Sensors
Earn internationally recognized certifications
Students will have the opportunity to earn four industry-recognized MSSC certifications.

Earn up to 27 college credits
Students can earn up to 27 college credits towards an Applied Associates Degree in Mechatronics.
The ECCA Program Catalog contains the names and descriptions of the courses in the Advanced Manufacturing program, as well as a Plan of Study.
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