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Adult Programs

Whether you want to take the high school equivalency exam or get trained or re-trained for a new career, there are a variety of opportunities for adult learners. Below are four program options for adults considering building their skills for the purposes of employment. 

1. Employment Training for Adults (ETA) 
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  • A variety of afternoon, evening, and night classes are offered 3-4 times throughout the year to help students obtain the skills necessary for careers in the Skilled Trades. Classes include welding, commercial driving, computer skills, machining, and a variety of healthcare disciplines (apart from Practical Nursing, which is treated separately).
  • Commitment level: anywhere from one session to 16 sessions
  • Classes are held at the F. Donald Myers Education Center in Saratoga Springs and the Southern Adirondack Education Center in Hudson Falls.
  • Click here for more information about ETA
2. Practical Nursing for Adults
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  • The process for enrolling in the Adult Practical Nursing (PN) program begins the January prior to September enrollment.
  • Enrollment for this program occurs only once per year.
  • Commitment level: 10 months full-time
  • Full-Time Program is held at the Southern Adirondack Education Center in Hudson Falls.
  • Please click here for full details about our Adult Practical Nursing program
  • Click here to request your Practical Nursing Transcript
3. High School Equivalency
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Financial Assistance
While WSWHE BOCES does not offer financial aid, there are several potential funding resources for continued education. Your eligibility may differ depending on the program or training you are interested in. Please click here for more information regarding financial assistance.