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About ELD

ELD Serves Students with Disabilities

The Exceptional Learners Division serves students with disabilities whose instructional needs can’t be met appropriately in their local districts. We do this by bringing together highly skilled teachers and providing them with the opportunity to give students a significant amount of individualized instruction.

We Draw Students from 31 School Districts in a Five-county Region

These students come to us with many different and complex needs and we provide an education that truly serves them – so that they can grow, learn and be successful. We offer them a customized experience. None of our students are left behind. They get whatever level of support they need to have their lives changed for the better.

Our Approach is Flexible

We discover what works. That’s why so many of our students are successful academically, and then later in the workforce. That’s also why parents tell us we give them a real sense of hope that many of them had lost.

How to Become Part of Our Family

If you think your child would benefit from one of our programs, contact your school district’s Committee of Special Education (CSE) chairperson and work with that person to find out if there is a program that meets your child’s needs. After that consultation, we welcome you to come for a visit, so we can help you learn more about the ways we might be able to help you and your child.


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