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The Boys Town Model


The Boys Town Specialized Classroom Management System is a highly effective national model that is implemented throughout the Exceptional Learners Division. Students are taught prosocial skills through a curriculum that reinforces positive behaviors and teaches students targeted social skills.

The strategies and techniques of the Boys Town model have been carefully designed to help students grow and learn, especially in the area of social interaction. There are five competencies for social and emotional learning that frame the social skills curriculum: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making.

The goal of Boys Town is to establish healthy, productive habits, so students can progress both academically and behaviorally. Students progress through levels of the system from Daily to Progress to Merit as they acquire appropriate social skills. We’ve witnessed countless success stories develop from this approach. Students who once were stuck in negative patterns often learn how to manage their own behaviors and move forward.


Boys Town FormBoys Town builds positive social skills in a supportive, step-by-step manner. Its focus is on the individual and allows for self-pacing, based on needs.

Each student works on target skills that he or she needs to learn. Once a skill is practiced and mastered, a new skill is chosen. Some common examples of skills include: accepting no, following instructions, disagreeing appropriately, and accepting criticism or consequences.

Along with earning positive points students are also given praise. When students show a skill deficit, staff engage in a corrective teaching which allows the student to practice pro-social skills. When a student is having difficulty managing their behavior, there is support staff to help reinforce positive behaviors. The student has the opportunity to earn back half of the negative points by practicing the skill, making apologies and completing work missed.


When a student receives an office referral, the Skills Room staff is notified. This room is staffed by a Licensed Social Worker/Mental Health Counselor and a Social Worker Associate. It is here where teacher expectations are supported and reinforced. The staff assists with proactive approaches for behavioral changes and skills teaching. Office referrals are processed here and then the student successfully re-enters the classroom.


  •  Student completes card for the level they are on (Daily, Progress or Merit on Card)
  • Student reviews points and bond balances, target skills and coping strategies.
  • Student follows schedule, earning positive and negative points, completing corrective teaching through the use of teaching interactions. 
  • At the end of the day, student reviews positive and negatives earned, completes daily banking, makes purchases, and sets goals.


We have a series of recommendations to offer parents who wish to continue reinforcing the Boys Town approach while a student is at home:

  • Offer praise for positive behavior
  • Ask what skills your child is working on and what steps are needed to achieve these skills
  • Remind your child that earning negative points is a learning experience
  • Offer additional positive support for office referrals
  • Ask which level your child is on and how they are trying to move to the next level for additional privileges

We take a holistic approach to helping our students. Our faculty and staff are trained in the “Boys Town Specialized Classroom Management Model.”


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