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High School Program

The High School program educates students in grades 9 to 12 who have individual education plans and have social, emotional, and/or learning disabilities. The program includes providing students with preparation and skills for employment following graduation.

Our 6:1:1 classrooms are located in the F. Donald Myers Education Center and the Southern Adirondack Education Center. Each small classroom size allows for a large dose of individual attention.

In this intimate setting, teachers, counselors, and staff nurture students, helping them to achieve their personal goals. Students can also earn GED or Regents diplomas.

Students in grades 9 and 10 are in a full day program with an academic schedule that meets NYS Regents requirements. Once students enter grades 11 and 12, they continue with their Regents course work but also have the opportunity to spend half of their day in one of our WSWHE BOCES CTE programs.

BEST program

  • Small class sizes (6:1:1 or 4:1:2 classrooms)
  • Individual and group counseling along with skills room social workers
  • Program wide social emotional curriculum (Boys town)



• NYS Common Core
• Classes designed to provide appropriate pacing to meet students needs
• Small class sizes
• Technology based instruction


• Small class sizes
BEST program Academic Intervention courses
• Skills Room for targeted social skill development
• Strong focus on individual student needs and goals
• Strong focus on engaging successfully within a school community


• Have a toolbox of prosocial skills they can use in their future
• Earn a high school diploma
• Learn to set goals
• Gain confidence in their abilities
• Strengthen their academic and social skills
• Are prepared for college and/or workforce employment

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